Kids Talking Dating Problems Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Relationship Issues

Attention all ladies out there (whatever your age), if you've ever suffered heartache and angst because of a man, you need to watch this video right now and take notes from the wise words of these children, because they know how it really is out there in the world of relationships.

Well, maybe not, but at least it will make you smile.

It's a well known fact of comedy videos that if you have kids talking like they're adults about grown up issues, it's guaranteed laughs. Guaranteed.

And that holds strong for this, as a bunch of elementary school children discuss their dating problems like a bunch of chattering grownups.

So, if you think you've got relationship issues, pah! You've got it real easy. Trying being a kid having to navigate the complex world of modern relationships.

All while having nothing stronger to drink to soothe the pain than a glass of apple juice.


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