When Relationship Nightmares Come True: Exes Meet Again In This Hilariously Awkward Video

There are two schools of thought on this one, you either become friends with your ex or you never talk to them again. I'm firmly in the second school of thought, largely because I always think that you break up with someone for a reason and if you don’t like someone as a person then why would you want to be friends with them?

Anyway, they’ve seen you naked and they’ve seen your O-face. No one needs to be reminded of that.

And what this short film, from filmmaker Alison G. Vingiano, is basically saying is that bumping into an ex, whether accidentally or on purpose, is ALWAYS AWFUL. There’s so much unspoken, largely because this is a person that you used to tell everything to, they were your best friend and they know about that mole on your back that's shaped like Texas.

And now they know nothing about you, not even what you had for lunch. Times have changed.


I think it’s very rare to reach a point with an ex where everything has been said. During the actual break up it’s likely that you didn't say certain things to either protect them or to protect yourself. And this is what comes screaming back when you bump into them.

You want to tell them that the way they brushed their teeth and didn't rinse out the sink was gross.

You want to point to their attempt at facial hair and just tell them to shave.

You want to tell them that that thing they did in bed just wasn't working for you.

............But you didn’t.


You said "It’s me, not you," "Things just aren't the same anymore," "We want different things from life." Lies, all lies.

A lot of anguish on both sides would have been saved if the truth had just come out. Closure would be a lot easier when you hate the guts of the person you’re breaking up with because they just told you that your habit of chewing your split ends turned them right off.

Without this brutal honesty it could be easy to slip back into old habits because they’re comfortable and someone that you’re yourself with.

That person knows the cute way that you sneeze, they find your sweats adorable and they know that when they stroke your back you turn into putty in their hands.


No, no, stop. Exes are exes for a reason and that is how they must stay.

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