The 87th Academy Awards Oscars Without Dialogue is Excruciatingly Painful To Watch

'And the awkward award goes to...' - If you thought all those celebrities in one room surrounded by the air of disappointment and warring egos was painful to watch, that's nothing compared to how awkward it is to watch with all the dialogue removed.

Bill Smith, who's previously gifted the world Dr. Phil and Judge Judy with no dialogue, has worked his way up to the Oscars—and it's hilarious and entirely cringey to watch.

It's three and half minutes of tension, anticipation, expectant gazes, and bored-looking celebs occasionally punctuated by eruptions of luvvie laughter and applause. It's evil, yet mesmerising.

As one Youtube commenter put it, "You can actually pinpoint the moment Michael Keaton's gum lost its flavor!"