Parents Playing 'Truth Or Drink' With Their Children Is Awkward But Very Entertaining

On your list of activities to do with your parents (or your kids) having a game of 'Truth Or Drink' is not going to be high up, but that's what these poor people have to endure in this hilarious video from Cut.com.

It's part of their Truth or Drink series (previously they've done couples), and with questions that range from asking your parents about oral sex or favorite sex position, to parents having to ask their kids when they lost their virginity, it was always going to be horribly awkward.

And, of course, there's plenty of drinking going on too. But if you manage to fight your way through the embarrassment-factor it's actually quite adorable.

It does go to prove that sometimes it's best not to know 'certain' information when it comes to close family, whether you are a parent, or the child. Be afraid.

If you are still hungry for more cringe-worthy scenarios you can check out the equally awkward couples version below.

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