Extraterrestrial Being Garyx Wormuloid Explores The Hidden Meaning In Sci-Fi Classic 'The Matrix'

If you thought it was difficult to grasp all the far-flung concepts of the Wachowskis' The Matrix, then how do you think aliens might feel if, years from now once humanity has been destroyed, they stumble upon a copy and decided to sit down and use it to understand human culture.

That's the premise behind the satirical and highly ridiculous YouTube series Earthling Cinema, which this week sees host and alien being Garyx Wormuloid grasp with the esoteric meanings behind the post-modern sci-fi nonsense that is The Matrix.

He draws some incredible conclusions too, conclusions like, with the enlightenment of knowing your world is just an illusion propagated by machines who farm human beings for fuel, comes puking, lots of puking.

And it's incredible insights like that which can only really come from an alien.

Just thank the stars and the little green men above that they didn't find a copy of the Wachowskis' last film Jupiter Rising. They'd have written the human race off as total basket-cases.


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