Cats Are Total Jerks And This Compilation Of Them Acting Like A-Holes Proves It

Because they rule the internet and so our lives, cats get away with an awful lot. We think they're all cute and lovely because they sit on our laps occasionally, but goddammit they can be dicks. And what makes it worse is they seem to know this.

This compilation is conclusive proof of that, which shows them doing a whole range of douchebag-y things, that contribute to making our life hell, from scratching DVDs to scratching people, to taunting owls.

I mean, who taunts an owl? There's nothing these b*stards won't do.

Sure they curl up on your lap and make cute purring noises, but put one foot (or paw) wrong and you will fear their wrath. Lets face it, they are our lords and masters.

So take a good, long, hard look at this video, Internet. And maybe reconsider the high esteem with which you hold these a-holes of the animal kingdom.


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