Gasp And Laugh Your Way Through This Collection Of Fails From The Month Of April 2015

Ouch, ouch, ouch, hahaha, is probably how you'll be reacting to this video from FailArmy as you swing between some amusing incidents—like the guy pogoing onto a table—to some genuinely concerning ones.

Laughter and horror then, will be the twin emotions you experience while watching this compilation from Fail Army, which shows just what a harsh month April was when it come to people failing hard.

It's strange but laughing at other people's misfortune never seems to get old and as time goes on, the more extreme and embarrassing it is for the victim, the more we roll on the floor laughing.

So take a deep breath and get ready to witness crocodiles, a guy in a creepy snowman suit, angry horses, dildos, and, of course, the Kylie Jenner Challenge. April turned out to be a pretty good month of misfortune, misery and pain for some people

Beat that, May.


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