First World Problems: Have You Ever Experienced The Total Shame Of 'Video Share Guilt'?

If ever there was a first world problem that affects all of us it is video sharing, the act of showing your best friend a video you love and expecting them to react in the same way, only to find out that their response (or lack of response) highlights what a loser you are and makes you question your taste in, well, your taste in everything. It's a real confidence killer and your self-esteem will never recover.

There are some waring signs to be aware of if you are brave enough to share something with a friend:

1/ If they don't laugh when you laugh it means they hate it

2/ NEVER show them a Youtube video over 4 minutes long

3/ If they ask how long it is you know that the trust of friendship has gone forever

4/ Don't fall into the trap of thinking that their blank response is how they react to everything, it means they hate it and they hate YOU.

5/ If at the end they turn to you and say "you have wasted my time today", then do the honorable thing (you know what that is)

So tread with caution around this sensitive first world problem and share this video with your friends so that they do not make the same mistake, except you can't, you can never show this video to anyone.

Just in case they don't like it and you have wasted their time.


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