#TheInterview - Eminem Admits He's Actually Gay! (In A Scene From 'The Interview')

There were telltale signs scattered all across his lyrics like a "breadcrumb trail of gayness," and now Eminem has finally come out and admitted it: HE'S GAY. At least, he is in a fictional Hollywood film you might have heard of because it hasn't been out of the headlines for the last month or so.

In this scene from The Interview, which has already made over $15 million from digital downloads alone, Eminem reveals to James Franco's character that he is, in fact, homosexual. "When I rap about [homophobic] violence or, you know, sound like I'm promoting violence, it's kind of about me confronting it." says the rapper.

It's a pretty funny scene, from a movie that has gone from never-to-be-released to symbol of freedom of expression to a nice little earner for Sony Pictures, becoming in the process a digital download (both legally and illegally) phenomenon. You couldn't have orchestrated a better PR campaign. And the epic, often farcical, and stranger-than-fiction story of its release is worthy of a movie itself. Sony, get on that.

As further fuel for The Interview PR juggernaut, and to keep the movie at the forefront of our collective minds over this festive period, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and James Franco live-tweeted The Interview yesterday afternoon. What that actually meant was a kind of DVD commentary told via twitter.

It's way too long to post all the tweets here, but there's a few tweets below about the Eminem scene above.

You can read the whole live-tweet/film commentary/whatever over at Seth Rogen's twitter.

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