The Hilarious Fail Ninja Strikes These People Down Before They Even Know What's Happened

Have you ever wondered why sometimes, when you are going about your business, out of the blue you just faceplant or experience something just as humiliating happen for no reason whatsoever?

Well there is a reason for it that you might not be aware of. The Fail Ninja.

Beware the Fail Ninja, he's pretty much a giant a-hole but he's also very funny. Because when someone is in a situation where they might be about to fall over or be humiliated in some way, Fail Ninja is there waiting for his moment to strike and claim his trolling crown.

At least, he is in this fail compilation which hilariously inserts a little cartoon ninja at the exact right moment.

Whether he's doing a flying kick, a karate chop, a little jab, or a roundhouse, he's got perfect timing as he floors people, animals, whatever he feels like.

And it's hilarious to see too, plus it adds a little extra something to the standard fail video.

Just be careful out there though, just in case he should strike you down when you least expect it. Fail Ninja is everywhere, doing what he loves most at your expense. Fear him.


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