'Do You Wanna Be My Girlfriend?' Somehow I Don't Think So With This Really Terrible Frozen Parody

Whoever the girl is who this is directed at, any other answer than a resounding “NO!” would do irredeemable damage to her self-esteem because, well, just look at the guy. Even a severe beating with a rhythm stick couldn’t save him.

People go on about the democratisation of creativity that the internet has brought about, but what about the darkness too?

What about the suffering of thousands at the hands of people who sing terribly and make really crappy videos?


And here's a quote from the guy himself, Cody Shoemaker about his recent musical effort - "Hey, I gave it a try and I never said I could sing lol, I'm singing quietly because I had housemates that were still asleep when I recorded this. Also I formally apologise for killing everyones ears haha, my bad!"

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