Marijuana Coffee Pods Will Make Sure You Start Your Day In The Most Unproductive Way Possible

If you fancy starting the day on a high, because that's how you roll, then why not order yourself some of these marijuana-infused coffee pods. The Seattle-based Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop is selling pods of Catapult a "premium infused coffee" for $10 each or a six pack for $37. (They also do Catapult cannabis infused coffee packs, if pods aren't your thing.)

Each pod contains 10 mg of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, to give you a start to the day that will leave you in a much more relaxed and understanding mood for that morning meeting.

Uncle Ike’s sales manager Jennifer Lanzador says the mix of stimulant and relaxant is similar to another popular combination. "I liken it to a Red Bull and vodka." she tells Yahoo Finance. "I had more energy, but I still had the relaxation you get from cannabis."

Plus, combining coffee and cannabis might be good for the brain anyway, as professor of psychology and neuroscience at The Ohio State University Gary Wenk talks about in the video below. Where he discusses how they might ward of diseases like Parkinson's.

It all sounds very positive and a great way to go to work and chill out as you do your job but no one seems to be addressing whether or not you'll actually get any work done.

I can predict in the not too distant future panicked management bosses around the country calling emergency meetings to try and figure out why workplace productivity has dropped right off the scale.

Lets hope they've got plenty of 'special' coffee in the boardroom.

So, is it time to change your morning coffee routine?

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