"I Piste Myself!" This Is The Most Dangerous (and CGI-laden) Ski Run In The World

Alien spacecraft, a giant chicken-headed chimera with human hands and legs, arrows, flying sharks, lava pits, a fire-breathing T.rex—these are just some of the strange and curious sights you will see on the world's most dangerous ski run, located in the ski area of Obergurgl-Hochgurgl.

All this insane action was captured with a GoPro camera worn by one of a group of fearless skiers brave enough to take on such a treacherous piste. Although, they are armed with machine guns and pistols, even a rocket launcher— firing at the zombies, flaying tentacles, and giant spiders coming at them like they're in the middle of a first-person shooter.

In fact the whole thing plays off like an insane video game level, mainly because as you'll see the moment you press play on the video, all the creatures and hazards are CGI. Brought to brilliant life by the mad VFX skills of Nick DenBoer, who was behind poultry-based The Shining mashup The Chickening from earlier this year, and does lots of animations for Conan O'Brien's talkshow.

The video is by London-based viral video doyens, The Viral Factory, who said they took inspiration for it from Real Life SkiFree by Andrew M Films.

Have a watch and rewatch above, as there are plenty of gags you're going to miss the first time around.


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