Great Kirsten Dunst Short Film Parodies Our Celeb-Obsessed Selfie-Ridden Culture

If you're the sort of person who sees a celebrity minding their own business and walks up to them to grab a quick selfie, then this short film from Matthew Frost starring Kirsten Dunst will give you an indication of what it's like from the celebrity's perspective.

Called Aspirational the two-minute short from Matthew Frost features two teens who spot Dunst, stop their car and just assume it's OK to go on over and take a selfie. Because that's why celebrities are there, right? So we can take selfies with them and upload it to Facebook to show all our friends our incredible accomplishment of seeing a more famous human being in the street.

With no music and stilted dialogue, it racks up the awkwardness and makes you feel sorry for Dunst while painting a critical portrait of our social media-obsessed solipsistic culture. Although it's hard to feel too sorry for the multi-millionaire Hollywood actress.


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