Grown Man Hilariously Re-Enacts 4-Year-Old’s Tantrum While Out Christmas Shopping

Matthew Clarke's a dad who's been running a series on YouTube where him and a grown man re-enact the conversations and incidents that happen between him and his daughter. They're often very funny, but this one is especially good.

That's because it's not often you get to see a fully grown adult male throw a tantrum like a 4-year-old in the middle of a mall while out shopping for the holiday season. Shopping for gifts is already majorly stressful, shopping with a willful 4-year-old even more so.

For parents this clip may be all too familiar and thus all too painful, as this little girl throws an epic tantrum because she wants a toy wand that mom and dad don't want to buy her. After trying to reason with her and getting those looks from other shoppers, it ends as it inevitably must do.

They give up on shopping and go home.


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