The Fresh Prince Of C-SPAN - Guy Prank Calls Political TV Channel As The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

A man decided to liven up the Washington Journal segment about Iran nuclear negotiations on cable channel C-SPAN by calling in and pretending to be Bel-Air's most famous fictional resident.

Firstly claiming to be Jack Strickland, he does a brief intro and then jumps straight into the prank, detailing how he's from Bel-Air, “But I am originally from Philadelphia. Specifically West Philadelphia.” - You know, born and raised.

He then goes on to deliver the rest of the intro theme that we're all very familiar with, doing it in a perfectly nonchalant, casual, but totally smooth way.

This type of pranking (Bel-Air”-ing) has been going on for a while under the clever disguise of bait-and-switch pranking, normally traced back to 4chan origins, where the prankster would begin a detailed story and slowly ease their way into the lyrics of the theme song.

It certainly makes a channel like C-SPAN a much more interesting prospect to watch.


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