Guy Pranks His Girlfriend By Pretending To Blow Up Their 3-Year-Old Son

When you're thinking of what prank to play on your significant other, you might think of loosening the salt shaker lid a little. Or spooking her when she gets out of the bath. Something relatively mild. Well, YouTuber and internet prankster Roman Atwood decided to go next level with his prank.

By next level I mean pretending to kill his and his girlfriend's 3-year-old kid in a horrific quad bike explosion. Yep, you read that right, he pretends to blow up their son. Dude, like WTF?

Naturally the mother is completely traumatised by the whole thing, as she watches what she thinks is her infant son going up in a ball of flames.

Of course, it isn't. Instead when the mom leaves Atwood and his son alone for a minute he does the old switcheroo, replacing his son Kane with a dummy he made earlier.

Then, when the mom is heading back the bike takes off—by remote control—with mom and dad desperately running after it—before flying off a ramp to its fiery doom.

Er, lol?

If you want to know exactly how Atwood pulled it off, you can watch the behind-the-scenes below.

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