'30 Cows In A Field' - Guy's Blonde Girlfriend Is Hilariously Confused By A Clever Riddle

Riddles are a great test of lateral thinking and totally mess with your mind, the more you think about what the meaning is, the more your mind tries to grasp a rational answer and the more you get confused. That's because, unlike most puzzles, riddles are inexact. In a sense, they are a hybrid between puzzles and storytelling.

OK, so let's not be too hard on this guy's blonde girlfriend for not getting this clever riddle right away, even though she is blonde. The first time hearing it you're probably going to think: WTF? It doesn't make any sense?

But then after awhile, it should slowly begin to dawn on you exactly what's being said. And it seems the girl did finally get it, but the video cuts away at that point.

So, here's the riddle. There are 30 Cows in a field and 28 Chickens. How many didn't? "Wait, wut?!" is probably your first reaction, but ignore the number 28 and just think of what it sounds like. Twenty-eight chickens = Twenty ate chickens. Ah, yeah, now you get it.

And to prove it's not just blondes who don't understand it, here's a bald Irish dad who gets pretty stumped, and sweary, trying to solve it.

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