The Rise And Fall Of The Guy WIth The "Girl Voice" Shows What A Cruel Mistress The Internet Can Be

When most guys pretend to do a girl voice it's just a lame, stereotyped high-pitched version of their own voice. But not this man. Hell no. Not Ryan Clark. Asked to do his "super excited" girl impression he nails it with his mad skills.

It's a voice you may be familiar with if you watch enough teen reality shows set in California—and his imitation is off the f*cking chain.

Could this really be an impression or is there some other force at work here: Voodoo? Ventriloquism? Lip-syncing? A tiny teenager living in his pocket? Bravo to this man, bravo.

Do you remember this guy? Of course you do, especially if you are one of those internet officinardos you'll be thinking to yourself, 'i saw this back in July, lame! '--well, yes it is on the slightly 'old' side but hell, it's had over 5mill views and can anyone remember what they were doing 4 days ago, let alone 4 months. Jeez!

Anyway, looks like 'Girl Voice' guy has been busy riding on the back of his internet stardom and released another video shortly after to keep the hype going (below), it got an impressive 1.5mill, not bad for that 'difficult' second video.

But alas, things didn't go quite as well as planned from there, after such a promising start his last video (below), a pretty cool submission for the '2015 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest' has only achieved several hundred odd views.

It's a cruel world Ryan Clark, but don't give up. Never give up.

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