Here's What 10 Hours Of Walking In 'Battlefield 4' As A Soldier Looks Like

Last week the internet blew its collective casket over a video that showed a woman walking through the streets of New York City over a 10 hour period and getting catcalled by men. It was pretty shocking stuff and stirred endless amounts of debates from all sides of the argument.

As well as stirring debate it also stirred people to make their own copycat versions—the latest one of these is the hilarious spoof 10 Hours of Walking in Battlefield 4 as a Soldier, which you can watch above. And boy does the soldier take some harassment. Like LOTS of harassment. It kind of makes you lose your faith in make believe characters in video games.

You can watch the original 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman below.

Here's what it's like for a guy to do the same walk.

And here's a drag queen walking for 10 hours in L.A.

So just be careful out there whether you're female, male, drag, or a fictional pixelated soldier.

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