Have You Ever Had A Dark Thought That America Is Just Like A Bad Boyfriend?

There are certain telltale signs that a boyfriend is bad news—he reads all your emails and text messages, he borrows money and is heavily in debt, he gets into fights, he never follows through with what he says he'll do.

He even cares more about his rich business buddies than he does you.

Sound familiar? It should do because this bad boyfriend is America itself, according to Collegehumor anyway, who have put together this on-point video comparing the good old US of A with the traits found in a bad relationship.

And hearing it related like this, it shows just what a bizarre and messed up relationship the world's biggest superpower has with its citizens.

It's sure to provoke all sorts of emotions from people (depending on where they reside of course) and i'm pretty certain there'll be a follow-up video where she meets the perfect guy, Canada (did i just say that out loud?).

Of course this is only just a humorous video and in no way a real reflection of what America is like at all......Is it?


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