Here's What Training Like A Superhero For 30 Days Will Do To Your Body

Ever wondered how Chris Evans' superhero Captain America looks so muscly? Well, despite what the movies say, it isn't down to super serum (sorry to disappoint you). It's down to working with a professional trainer, namely a guy called Steve Zim. Plus of course lots of hard work and a specific diet. And that's who two BuzzFeed staff, a guy and a girl, work with to see if they can transform their bodies into something more buff in just 30 days.

Zim sets about not only giving them a training regime but also some protein supplements to take too, which do things like enhance muscle fiber and contain melatonin to help them sleep. And become superheros.

After this insight, Zim then explains that when it comes to building muscle through weightlifting, it isn't so much about how much you lift, but making sure you lift it right. And that means getting the technique down.

'Don't swing but bring', is what Zim imparts.

Next some diet and nutrition which, due to the short amount of time, means no carbs, low sugar and sodium, but lots of protein. No pain, no gain, right?

All this doesn't sit too well with them to begin with, as they bemoan having to go to the gym daily (even on Thanksgiving!) and don't get to eat what they want. But by the time they're well into their new exercise regime, they start to actually not hate it any more. And instead of moaning it starts to become easier. Almost...enjoyable.

Then comes the final weigh-in and analysis of how they did. And, well, there's certainly some marked improvements, not only did they gain bigger biceps and now have equal-sized thighs (who knew that was even a thing?) but, probably most importantly for that superhero look, their body fat went down too. Meaning they lost fat and gained muscles, quite significantly, in just one month.

Although they did train EVERY day. So, conclusions, you need to be dedicated if you want to see results, and be it in for the long term. Especially if you are like Evan Ghang and want a to look like a Dorito.

Or, alternatively, just wait until they invent that super serum.


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