These Horribly Embarrassing Failed Fistbumps Are Why You Never Leave A Bro Hanging

It's totally not cool to leave a bro hanging—not in public when, say, they've put their hand up in anticipation of a returned high five and all they get is blanked.

That cringe-inducing moment is how this compilation of cringe-inducing moments begins—and it doesn't get any easier after that.

So prepare to facepalm your way through this, as fistbumps meet handshakes or just get ignored, and general awkwardness prevails.

It's funny, but we've all been in these situations so the laughter you emit will no doubt conceal a deeper anguish.

It will conceal the tears from those times when you yourself were left hanging, the shame of which still burns deep within you. Occasionally rising up like heartburn from your longed-to-forget past.

Don't worry though, because these people are a reminder that it happens to us all. You just need to learn to live with it. One day at a time.


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