How To Make Techno Music In Just 6 Stupidly Easy Steps Using Household Objects

Ever wondered how to make techno music but don't have a studio, the right equipment, or even much talent? Well, if you fancied yourself as a music producer, specifically a techno music producer, but were put off because you thought it might be too difficult—help is at hand. And it takes the form of a very simple how-to video called "How to Make TECHNO" from Soundz (who makes music under the name Hobo), which takes you through a step-by-step guide on what you'll need and how to go about creating those all important techno music kicks.

First up when it comes to the subject of how to make techno music you're going to need a laptop, specifically a Mac. Because, well, because that's what everyone else uses. Once you've got your hands on one of them, borrowing one will work just fine, you then need to get a copy of Ableton Live. Borrow that as well. It's expensive.

Ableton Live is music sequencer software which costs anywhere from around $99 to $449 to buy. But fear not because as Hobo explains in the video you're only going to need the demo version. Nice one.

Getting started on 'How To Make Techno Music'

How to make techno music recipe.

You can then start out on your how to make techno music adventure by recording your reverb techno kick, Hobo uses a shoe to do his, which will form the basis of your banging tune. Then compress the hell out of it, add some metallic household noises too (baking tins and saucepans work great), add some FX, add some salt (seriously).

Then mix it all together like a big techno music stew.

And, hey presto! You've made some techno music and can now call yourself a producer. Heck, put it on your LinkedIn, definitely put it on your Twitter handle. But make sure to tell your friends it's extremely difficult t do.

Of course, it looks easy in this video, but it's probably not quite as simple as Hobo makes out. Because no doubt he's got some skills when it comes to music production. But still, take this as inspiration to give it a go yourself. Don't be intimidated. Just like cooking how to make techno music takes a while to get the recipe right.

And if you want to hear what Hobo's finished track sounds like, he's posted it to his Beatport page. It's called "Push" and he describes it as "the technoest techno track that ever technoed... Techno."

As they say in the business: Techno! TECHNO!

How to make techno music 01.

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