How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist (Again) - YouTube Personality Ryan Higa Will Teach You

Many of us, whether in the shower or elsewhere but hopefully when no one's around to suffer it, attempt to sing.

Often it will be a song you know well, probably by one of your favorite artists, and more than likely you'll try to croon the vocals just the way they do. And most probably it will fail miserably.

Well Ryan Higa is here to help you with that singing (if you can call it that). Again.

Following on from the success of his video "How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists" (below) which he brought out in 2013 (it now has over 35 million views) he's brought out a part two. "But this one's completely different," he says at the beginning, "It's not as good."

From there the comedic tone remains as he teaches us the tricks of how to sound just like the big stars. It's full of insights like, say, for Calvin Harris make a sound like the little girl from the The Grudge movie while you're singing.

Or sing while you yawn for a spot-on Sam Smith impression. If you're after Drake's singing (not rapping) voice then simply stand on a shaky stool while dusting the top of a cabinet. It's that easy. Or not.

Whether these tips will actually make you sound like the artists Higa says is up for debate, but they'll definitely make you laugh.

You can check out Higa's part one below, once you've exhausted part two.

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