Howie Mandel's House is Covered with Over 4,000 Toilet Rolls in this Epic Prank

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood decided to get one over on his friend while he was away in New York. His friend just so happens to be host of America's Got Talent Howie Mandel.

Safe in the knowledge that Mandel was out of town, Atwood took a truck loaded with over 4,000 rolls of toilet paper to his house (well, mansion) and spent two hours covered the front of Mandel's home with them, because what could be a nicer surprise than coming back to your home streamed with ass paper?

It's no understatement to say Mandel wasn't too impressed when he arrived back. But he saw the funny side—eventually. Even posting about the prank to Instagram and possibly coining a new term to describe the feelings of frustration and fury felt by victims of pranks—"prangry."

I'm so Prangry, go watch what @RomanAtwood and @AlexMandel did to my house YouTube.com/RomanAtwood

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