Meet 'Menswear Dog' The Handsome Shiba Who Models Designer Men's Fashion For A Living

It comes to something when a dog has got better fashion sense than you. But, sadly, that's what it has come to, because this is Menswear Dog the self-styled (or owner styled) "most stylish dog in the world." His actual name is Bodhi and he's a Shiba Inu who lives in New York City.

There he makes a living modeling designer men's fashion for major clothing brands, looking casual in Levi denim jackets and hoodies or upping his fashion game to something a bit more dapper, say a burgundy turtleneck and tan blazer.

He also has an Instagram account where he wows his 230k+ followers with his sartorial prowess. And as sickening as it is to see a dog with finer fineries than you, you can't deny he looks classy in a pair of Ray Bans.

Heck, he looks classy in anything. Even naked with nothing but a bandana on, which can't be said for most of us.

Check out his impeccable style below and head to his Instagram for more zooty Shiba fashion.

I've got a date ? #raredimple #showsupearly #turtleneckgame

That boy next door ?

Model by day, Detective by night ☕️ #detectivedog #idwatchthat

This shirt's made of boyfriend material @woolrichinc

The face I make when I want extra extra guac on my chipotle ? #razzledazzle #hithere #haveaniceday

Ace of dogs ⚡️? @realmandempire #lookback

Lumberdog ⚡️⚡️ #cabinfever #tbt #MenswearDogBook

Can't talk before my morning coffee ☕️ #redmoon #hungover #canteven

A sucker for seersucker Behind the scenes from the #MenswearDogBook

When you'z a bad boy

Walk into the club like #? #FridayFeels @calvinklein

Creeper creepin' #? #? #fbf

I'm a Hustler, Baby! Check this and other looks in our Book, The New Classics in stores now. #MenswearDogBook #NYC #businessdog #mondaymood #workmode

#NationalBowtieDay and #NationalDogDay in the same week? Are you joking?

Model/Blogger/Photographer/Dog #multitalented @nytimes @nytphotohunt #nytphotohunt @photovillenyc @sony

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