IKEA Unveils Its New Ultra High Tech Catalogue The Bookbook™

Since when did IKEA start doing parody? Since now, basically. The Swedish furniture store that have cornered the rage-inducing flat pack market have put out a pretty funny video, mocking the hype and awe that comes with the unveiling of a new piece of tech, like the iPhone 6.

Called "Experience the power of a bookbook™" it presents its new catalogue, made from the emerging technology known as paper, as cutting edge design with a talking head proclaiming its technological brilliance. "The 2015 IKEA catalogue comes fully charged, and the battery is eternal" he explains. Oh IKEA. You are just too much!

The video also wryly notes how you can obtain one of these bookbooks by either refreshing your mailbox or "Uploading yourself to the IKEA store" to pick one up.

What it fails to mention is the sheer horror of negotiating their Byzantine and entirely confusing out-of-town stores which are best avoided, unless you want an experience like the one below. Which perfectly nails what every couple goes through when visiting one, while also being a clever and hilarious Gravity parody.

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