People Try Heroin For The First Time In This Parody Video And you WILL Believe What Happens Next

Buzzfeed has made a habit of making videos where people try weird or exotic products and foods for the first time. Google it and the list is huge, from trying Cuban food, getting high for the first time to tasting their own urine, there are many variations.

It's click-bait for the masses and it either leaves you waiting for your next fix of 'People Try' videos, or it's a reality check on just how bad social video entertainment has become on it's varied journey to see just how far you can take a genre in the name of bad taste.

But one variation there isn't is heroin. That's a step too far when driving home the clicks.

Comedy sketch channel Nuclear Family take aim at these videos with their satirical "People Try Heroin For The First Time" in which people try the highly addictive opiate for the first time. And they film the results.

They are, of course, actors but the way it plays out is fiendishly funny. They start off full of enthusiasm as the setup apes the jolly, punchy style of the Buzzfeed vids.

Then things get absurd when the couples start making tourniquet jokes.

The fun and games soon turn much darker when the drug takes hold after either being injected of smoked, and the specter of drug addiction looms across proceedings.

Such is the rampant and increasingly edgy nature of these "...For the First Time" vids that "People Try Heroin For The First Time" will probably, one day, actually be a real video.


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