Indulge In Some Internet Schadenfreude With This Compilation Of Hilarious Russian Fails

Russia, home of the epic dashcam footage, the vodka-induced fail and lots of other weirdness that the internet just can't get enough of. All that and more is collected in this classic Fail Army video, what they're calling an 'ode to Mother Russia'.

So prepare yourself for some internet schadenfreude of the finest kind, as you gasp at cars skidding across a car park trailing a cloud of dust and other incomprehensible acts that seem to be the modus operandi of Russian life.

And yes, it's totally crazy

As one YouTube commenter perfectly observed, "It's just like 'GTA Russia'. Except you don't restart at the hospital after you die."

We should be thankful though, because without such madness we wouldn't be treated to videos like this.


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