'Jurassic World' Prank Terrifies A Town With Fake Dinosaurs Plus Lots Of Fake Blood And Guts

Dinosaurs may have not walked the earth for 65 million years, but that doesn't stop the people in this video from fleeing in terror at the site of a man in a dino costume. In their defence there's also fake blood, guts, and maimed bodies lying in the street too.

To coincide with the imminent release of Jurassic World Polish prankster SA Wardega (previously), decided to scare the hell of of the residents of his local town by pretending that, somehow, dinosaurs had come back from extinction and are on the rampage.

Of course, if these people had thought for a moment logic would've told them these couldn't possible be real.

But when you come across something large and unusual and it's dark and you're just trying to get home from work, the human brain isn't working on those higher circuits. Instead it's functioning on a mammalian level and it's either fight or flight.

And nobody but Chris Pratt would fight a dinosaur.

For some more Jurassic World fun someone remade the film's trailer using hot dogs and chicken nuggets. Because, internet. Check it below.

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