KEEP DANCING! Key And Peele Aerobics Meltdown Is A Dark Take On Jazz Fit Championship Dancing

Get ready for a truly epic Key and Peele aerobics meltdown. As time goes on it's becoming very clear that there is only one thing Key and Peele cannot do - which is make bad videos! Quite possibly the best (well, it's my favorite) offering from the comedy duo is when they start taking their humor to a whole new level, going back to the 80's, dressing in lycra and crossing over to the 'dark side'. Key and Peele aerobics, who'd have though it?

It's funny, emotional and disturbing, all at the same time, unlike anything you have seen before, and it's brilliant.

Keep dancing!

The sketch revolves around the actual '1987 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Opening' dance routine and the comedy duo have beautifully re-enacted the performance, with their own dark spin added into the routine.

Keep dancing!

It all starts of well enough, but in the middle of the live TV performance one of the competitors finds out that his family has been in a car accident.

Keep dancing!

With the floor manager signaling to the dancer via auto-cue cards and updating the condition of his wife and child (who have just been involved in a horrible hit-and-run incident), things start to take a dark twist.

Keep dancing!

Things take a turn for the worse when the floor manager asks if the performer could help the police with any information about anyone who would possibly have a motive to do this?

Keep dancing!

And then the cold realization of just who that culprit might be hits the dancer, like a hard slap across the face with a lycra clad hand.

FOR GOD'S SAKE....Keep dancing!

And then the pandemonium begins.

Keep danc'......oh, forget it.

The Key And Peele Aerobics Meltdown Origins.

If you haven't seen the classic video of the 'Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Opening' on which this Key and Peele aerobics video sketch was based on then get up from under that rock you have been hiding under and check it out (below), there's even a great Taylor Swift version currently doing the rounds on the interwebs.

It's a classic observation of the era when bad hairstyles and lycra was king, and if you needed just one video to show how bad the Eighties were, this would be it.

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