Terrorist Interrogation - Man Brutally Questioned Over An Imminent Attack On Washington

With Comedy Central's Key & Peele show to soon end and never return, it's time to start looking back every opportunity we can and remind ourselves what we'll be missing. So why not drag out this classic sketch of theirs, Terrorist Interrogation, from 2013.

Parodying torture scenes from Zero Dark Thirty it sees Keegan-Michael Key playing a...terrierist.

Yep, you read that right. This guy isn't someone out to seek political change through acts of terror, he's just a dog breeder, specifically a terrier breeder.

But, in a case of mistaken identity (hey, it happens) he's flown to a CIA black site and interrogated.

He doesn't help his chances of being a free man with his talk of imminent terrier attacks on Washington either.

Especially when the CIA know for certain that he has been in regular contact with a known associate who was one of the architects of 9/11. Or was that 7/11. Whoops.

It's another brilliant skit from a show that's going to be missed very much when it ends in September.



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