Kids Hook Their Moms Up To A Lie Detector And Ask Really Embarrassing Questions

How would you celebrate Mother's day this year? It's a special time when children of all ages should put their selfishness aside and turn the spotlight on their mom and show them love and gratitude for being a great parent, maybe throw in some flowers, a card, and treat them to a slap-up lunch. You know, to show them that you care.

Or, of course, you could strap her to a lie detector and bombard her with uncomfortable questions. I'm sure she would love you all the more for that.

And that's exactly what happened here with these poor ladies, so prepare to cringe your way through this one and take pity on strangers' moms as they get connected to a lie detector and asked really awkward questions by their siblings. Questions you really shouldn't ask your mother. Questions like "Have you ever had a threesome?"

As if that isn't bad enough the subject of sending nude pictures is also addressed, and drugs, as are questions about role playing in the bedroom. It's all kinds of awkward and weird and poor mom knows the game's up if she lies, which means you'll enjoy squirming your way through it.

Just be grateful it's not you up there with your mom hooked up to a polygraph, asking questions you'd rather not know the answers to.


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