Incredible Zombie Chase Parkour Video Puts You In The POV Of Survivors Fleeing The Undead

When it comes to fleeing the undead, if the zombie apocalypse ever does come, you'll wish you had the climbing skills of the people in this parkour video. Made by British parkour production company Ampisound to promote cell phone game Last Empire War Z, the three minute short shows a seriously intense chase scene as two survivors flee hordes of flesh-eaters.

To make things extra acute the whole thing is shot in POV, putting the viewer in the middle of the action as some of the UK’s top parkour experts and freerunners leap and bound across rooftops and buildings.

It's the kind of experience you could see becoming extra pant-staining in a VR type setup, although it's ferocious enough just watching it on a computer screen.

Ampisound said they were given the freedom to produce "the most action packed film we could make." Which they went ahead and did. "We involved firearms, a two actor car drag stunt, rooftop parkour and multiple locations, to really push the cinematic qualities of the chase." they note.

The results speak for themselves. It makes you want to petition The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple to demand he include a POV chase scene in season seven.

But anyway, until that never happens we have this video. And not just this because it isn't the first time Ampisound have made a POV zombie chase parkour video either. Back in January they produced a similar video for video game Dying Light.

That one was shot across the rooftops of Cambridge, UK. Check it out below.

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