Horror How-To 101: Learn How To Make a Slasher Movie In Under 3 Minutes

You probably didn't notice because not one website on the entire internet has pointed it out in any way, shape, or form (we certainly haven't), but it's Halloween today.

In honor of this sacred time when we all take stock of the cold months ahead and celebrate the end of the warmest part of the year in the Northern Hemisphere by dressing up as YouTube or Kanye West's eyebrow, you might want to make your own slasher film.

But how? What kind of plot would there be? Can the killer use a gun? All perfectly legitimate questions and all ones that can be answered in this video from Cinema Sins and Bobby Burns, who runs through the tropes to be found in pretty much any standard slasher flickā€”so you can watch it then go make one with your friends and film it on you iPhone.


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