Larry King Goes On Epic Late-Night Twitter Binge, Tweeting Out Thoughts On Turpentine & Miniskirts

Say you're Larry King, you're sat at home on a Sunday night slightly bored and you have no place to be or nothing to do. What are your options? You've already called Conan, he's out having dinner with the fam.

Your only other option must be to take to twitter and spend a whole hour tweeting seemingly random stuff just for the hell of it. And that's exactly what he did, sending out around 47 tweets that take us deep inside the mind of this award-winning TV host.

Along the way we learn such incredible facts as what his superpower would be, the type of vehicles he's never driven, and his favorite type of Chinese food.

Take it away, Larry.

Then, just to clear things up in case people thought he was losing his mind, he posted this to his Instagram.

Just for the record...

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