Little Boy Proposes To Girl At His School By Giving Her A Real (But Stolen) Diamond Ring

Little kids will always want to try and imitate adults when they can, be it driving a pretend car, flying an imaginary airplane, going to work, or in this case declaring your eternal love to a girl and asking for her hand in marriage.

Meet little Tommy, he's taking grown up 'adult' things to a whole new level, you've really got to hand it to him when he proposes to his beloved Millie in the school playground, he does it properly, by actually giving her an engagement ring, a 'real' diamond engagement ring. This kid doesn't do things by halves.

The only downside to it all is that, well, it wasn't really Tommy's to give away.

Playground romances are nothing new, everyone has a crush at school, but not everyone gets a proposal complete with such a generous gift. The hilarious situation is recalled in a video made by Millie's dad, who was bemused and amused to find that his daughter had been given such an expensive token of love.

He explains that when Millie came home from school she told her parents that she had been proposed to and that she had been given a ring too, which she had in her bag.

Naturally, they thought she'd been given a Haribo's gummi candy ring and thought nothing of it. But they were astonished when Millie showed them that, no, she had been given an actual diamond ring with three big diamonds in it.

A diamond engagement ring Tommy had stolen from his mom. Ha! Which, of course, is sweet and thoughtful and everything, but his mom isn't going to be too pleased about it.

Maybe now that the story has gone viral, Tommy's mom won't scold him too much and can see the funny side.


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