'Street Fighter: Bully's Nightmare Edition' Is One For All The Persecuted People Everywhere

Nobody likes a bully and seeing one get some comeuppance is to see the wheel of karma in full effect. Just think how satisfying it is when Marty McFly, or better yet his wimpy dad, gets one up on Biff. Or that blonde bro in The Karate Kid gets knocked to the floor by Daniel-san's crane kick.

It makes things especially sweet if that justice is served with some added Street Fighter II sound FX and visuals. Because lets face it, everything is better with SF2 FX.

Especially if YouTuber Marca Blanca is behind it as well.

That's exactly what's happening in this video "Street Fighter: Bully's Nightmare Edition," where the oppressed and persecuted win the day and the bullies get served their just deserts in the most gratifying ways possible.

Whether that's served up by the bullied themselves, like the fat kid who turns into the Hulk and smashes his assailant to the ground.

Or whether it's served by someone else who's come along to balance out the odds.

Either way, the cowards lose. And we all win.


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