Marvel's Avengers Sing Christmas Carols In This Festive Cinematic Universe Video Mashup

The Avengers are not really known for their love of singing carols, but here is Marvel's superhero team getting into the holiday spirit. And you can thank video editor James Covenant for this mashup of clips from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Avengers characters from the cinematic franchise assemble in this ensemble to bring some joy to your world, by singing "Joy to the World." And it's not just the Avengers who get to bring some festive cheer, Groot, the tree-being from Guardians of the Galaxy, turns up to sing "Jingle Bells."

I wonder if Marvel would be up for releasing a Christmas album? Maybe not. But well done to James Covenant anyway. Last year he released Captain Picard singing "Let it Snow!" (below). Maybe Covenant should release a Christmas album?

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