Bear Grylls Finally Breaks As He Eats Stewed Mouse Cooked In Michelle Rodriguez's Urine #OmNomNom

When it comes to surviving in the wild and you're Bear Grylls, drinking your own urine is something you do just for fun. But when it comes to eating a cooked mouse stewed in Michelle Rodriguez's urine? It looks like that was one urine meal too far for Mr. Grylls.

Grylls' TV show Running Wild with Bear Grylls sees the adventurer and urine connoisseur take celebrities along for some fun times in remote and tough locations. But this time things just seem to have got plain weird.

Rodriguez and Grylls were out hiking across the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. They ran out of food and water, so naturally resorted to the only dinner available to them: mouse and urine stew. WTF?

Watch in bafflement and incredulity at what television has become as Rodriguez crouches behind a rock, and comes back with a container filled with her own piss. Grylls then boils a mouse in it he caught himself and then it's bon appetite time!

Let's just say neither of them enjoy it. "I finally found the thing that's broken me," says Grylls. "Mouse and somebody else's urine, stewed. Bad."

As one YouTube commenter said, "Bear Grylls: A man who gets paid to take a sexy celebrity girl out and convince her to partake in his pee fetish." - Yes. Very weird.

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