Neglected Dog Called Lazarus That Was Left In Barn For 6 Years Has 35 Pounds Of Hair Shaved Off

Lazarus is practically unrecognizable in the 'before and after' photos where he lost 35 pounds of hair after getting his first haircut in six years. The neglected Great Pyrenees dog was found in a barn stall and rescued by a groomer called Candice Skelton (in the videos above and below).

When Skelton and two other rescuers found him, he looked more like a cloud than a dog. So they gave him a haircut and he eventually found his way to Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue.

Charsha-Lindsey has taken him in and is now giving him some rehab and house training. Due to being neglected he's quite timid and doesn't want to really be around other people or other dogs.

Once he was shaved it was discovered he had a few health issues too—his tail was broken, his skin a little irritated, and because he had so much fur it caused problems with his muscles, so he could't walk properly.

But he's getting better and better in the care of Charsha-Lindsey, and thanks to his rescuers he's leading a much more loving life than he was before. He even gets to eat a steak dinner every now and again. But it will be awhile before he can be re-homed.

"He still has a way to go," Charsha-Lindsey says. "So adoption is not anywhere in the realm of possibility, yet."

At the moment he sleeps in the garage in a crate, as that's where he feels comfortable. But he will eventually come into the house when he's ready says Charsha-Lindsey.


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