'Obviously You're Stoned!' TV Host Nancy Grace Loses It In Debate About Marijuana

Maybe Nancy Grace needs to smoke some pot rather than denouncing it constantly, but whatever it is about the demon weed she really has some hatred for it. Recently her and Dr. Drew Pinsky clashed over people who eat weed cookies and what terrible, terrible things it makes them do.

Anyone who's eaten a pot cookie will know that it generally makes you so high, you're pretty much incapable of doing anything but sitting down and gawping at the world. But trying telling that to Grace, who thinks that weed is the work of the devil. Her thoughts on pot are so ridiculous, it's like she takes her information about it from 20th century anti-drug propaganda films.

It would be scary if it wasn't so preposterous. She starts her tirade by retorting to Norm Kent who says "Your argument is not real because you take isolated instances of aberrant behavior and try to make them standardized for all marijuana users. And once and for all, Nancy, have you no conscience?" with, "I was really just looking for an answer to the question, but obviously you’re stoned." Wut? Good one.

After that she gets into a war of words with fellow HLN host Dr. Drew, who questions her example of a case about a guy who flips out because, she says, he'd eaten pot cookies. Dr. Drew says it's probably more related to heroin withdrawal. But try convincing Nancy of that. He's got his work cut out.

For previous Nancy Grace pot weirdness, check out her epic debate with rapper 2 Chainz. Which again, just makes her look rather unhinged, rather than doing any good for her cause. She's definitely her own worse enemy.

Meanwhile (of course), people over at Twitter had a few words of wisdom for Nancy (#nancygrace)

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