Saul Goodman's Best One-Liners Are Just In Time For Netflix Spin-Off Series 'Better Call Saul'

Walter White's lawyer in Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman, is maybe not the best lawyer in the land, but as this compilation from Tastefully Offensive shows, he's great at one liners.

And sometimes that's what you need. Along with someone who doesn't mind bending the law, as Jesse Pinkman notes in the opening to this supercut, "When the going gets tough, you don't want a criminal lawyer, you want a criminal lawyer."

The mashup comes just in time for the Breaking Bad spin-off series Better Call Saul which airs on AMC on 8th February 2015, and will be available on Netflix the day after on 9th February.

Early reviews of the show have been mostly positive, and with Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould at the helm why wouldn't they be? The ten-part series is set six years before Saul met Walter, when Saul wasn't Saul but went by the name James McGill. Check out the trailer, below.

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