What Are The Odds? Twin Sisters Give Birth On The Same Day At The Same Time

Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers are identical twin sisters and in a supreme display of serendipity both gave birth on the same day at the exact same time—albeit it in time zones.

Rodgers gave birth first at 1:18AM to a boy in Denver, Colorado and Mariuz was next who gave birth to a girl an hour later at 1:18AM in La Jolla, California.

"We've always lived in separate places, but all of us—we have two sisters—are very close in age and very close," Rodgers told USA Today. "But certainly there's another connection at the twin level."

They both fell pregnant a year ago around the same time, both planned to tell the other on Thanksgiving when the family were all together.

But even before Mariuz said anything Rodgers instinctively knew.

"She showed up to my front door and I welcomed her and Nick [Mariuz's husband] inside," said Rodgers. "And I had this crazy twin intuition—I call it my 'twintuition'—and I knew she was pregnant, too."

The odds of that happening must be pretty slim but it meant their due dates were only four days apart.

However the odds on them giving birth on the exact same day, at precisely the same time, is just bizarre.

“I don’t think you could plan it the way this all as turned out even if we tried,” said Rodgers, “It was just a pure coincidence, I guess. Maybe a twincidence.”


The sisters at their baby shower.


Sarah Mariuz, her husband, and their newborn.


Leah Rodgers her husband, and their newborn.

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