Ever Wondered What Babies Actually Get Up To At Nap Time? This Hidden Camera Reveals All

If you're a parent of two young kids and you often put your little ones down to nap together, here's a newflash for you: they aren't napping. At least not if they're anything like brother and sister Mariah and Beckham.

The sibling's parents wanted to see exactly what the pair got up to when they went down for some afternoon power snoozing so filmed them with a hidden camera, but it turns out these two adorable rugrats don't actually get much rest. In fact quite the opposite.

Because as soon as the door's closed they're ready to party.

And by party I mean converse and annoy each other (in baby talk of course, but the video has helpful subtitles translating it all for us) before the inevitable brother/sister rivalry really kicks in and Beckham throws a drinking vessel at his sister's head. Whoops.

Realizing his error he quickly tries to soothe her and make her feel better though, taking on the big bro looking after his little sis role. Awww.

Unfortunately for Mariah and Beckham it looks like the hidden camera evidence has pretty much put an end to their nap time parties as their parents will be bedding them down in seperate rooms from now on to sleep.

Now that is pretty darn cruel if you ask me.


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