Watching Old People Dancing To Techno Music Is 100% Guaranteed To Brighten Up Your Day

When it comes to music watching old people dancing to techno will seriously mess with your mind. In a good way. Look at this old man (above) busting some moves to "#shutyourtrap" by Klaypex - and before you say it, it doesn't matter that the track was dubbed over afterwards for the lolz. In his mind he's hearing that song.

He is that song.

Look at him cast his walking sticks aside which essentially acts as a warning to those nearby saying, forget about your pathetic shuffling it's about to get real. And then he proceeds to tear it up like a man possessed by the spirit of 1989. This old guys got movez that would put people four times his age-younger-to shame. He knows his rave.

The video's only crime is that it wasn't four hours long. I could quite happily watch this on loop forever.

I'm sure you are all thinking that this is a one-off example of old people dancing to techno beats and it's going to be a very long time before we see some more shape-throwing senior citizens hitting the web again.

Thankfully you'd be wrong, we've got your back on this one, we've scoured the internet and found some absolute gems in these videos below of some more old people dancing to techno and tearing it up while putting all young people to shame for all eternity.

Suddenly getting old doesn't look too bad anymore.

Original: Cool Old Man Dancing

Check this original badass. He's got minimal movements, maximum swag.

Hardcore Partying - Mega Party

All these guys need to have a good time is a car stereo and some vodka. Lots of vodka. Like, gallons.

90-Year-Old Grandma Dances to LMFAO

Dance of the Living Dead.

Crazy Old Woman Dancing To Techno Music

Got the moves like Jagger? Jagger's got the moves like her.

Old People Dancing To Techno Knows No Age

Actonel's a helluva drug.

Techno Viking (Unedited Original Video)

But none of them can outdo the original EDM warrior, Techno Viking. Still killing it after all these years.

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