These EDM Cats Are Definitely Feline The Beat And Will Put Your Dancing To Shame

Typical things cats love are eating, napping atop your clean washing, clawing your furniture, balls of string, and pounding EDM music. OK, that last one might be a bit surprising and "like" may not be the most accurate way to describe it.

But put it this way, cats sometimes act like they'd love EDM or, at least, act like they'd love dancing to it. Just take a look at this compilation of manic cats, some of whom are literally bouncing off the walls while EDM hammers away perfectly synced to their actions.

Just wait until you see some of the moves these kitties are busting, us humans can only dream about rocking such elaborate skills on the dance floor.

There's no messing around either, the video starts crazy and full on and never really drops. Unless you're talking about the beat, which drops spectacularly.

It's not just these cats that like to hear the beat drop either. Check out Dubstep Cat (with a little help from his human) below.

And if you're still wanting more EDM cat action, here's a 10 hour mix of raving cats throwing their paws in the air like they just don't care.

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