Parrots Show Off And Teach Us How To Dance To All The Various EDM Subgenres

Everyone likes to cut loose every now and then and hit up the dance floor with some super fresh moves, after all it's always good to keep on top of your game when it comes to showing off. But sometimes you might be in the club or at a festival and suddenly the DJ changes and the pace of music suddenly changes too.

One minute you're making shapes to some deep house and then on comes some roaring dubstep breaking free from the speakers. What do you do? How do you change you dance technique to fit the new tunes?

It's a dilemma many of us face, often it can be so debilitating that we just stand there, totally still, while the strobe lights show everyone else around us going insane and having a fun time.

But now, finally, someone has come to your aide. Well, not someone, but lots of parrots. Parrots that know things, things like knowing exactly how to groove along to all the various types of EDM subgenres.

Whether that be latin house, drum & bass, trap, minimal techno, or some hardstyle, these parrots have got your back.

Watch the video, learn the moves, and then all that's left is to just hit up the dance floor and show off your new jives. If you're looking for a subgenre that hasn't been included in that vid, fear not.

YouTuber My Music is Electronic who is behind it has done a part two. Check it below.

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