The Brutal Homewrecker Penguin Fight Gets Some Hilarious Commentary By Ozzy Man

The internet was shocked to its very core when a video surfaced online called 'Homewrecking Penguin', which was tweeted by Nat geo Channel and titled "A fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin", it was taken from National Geographic Wild's series Animal Fight Night. The video showed two penguins in a bloody, brutal battle after a penguin returned home to find his mate had a new lover.

Naturally the returning penguin is seriously pissed, and the ensuing fight sees him go nuts, pecking at his usurper's face and jabbing him in the eyes with his beak. It was a disturbing sight to behold. Well, now Ozzy Man from YouTube channel Ozzy Man Reviews has brought some levity to the trauma, by providing a humorous commentary.

He names the returning penguin Gerald for a start and then gives his always amusing insights as the two do brutal battle. "It's like UFC meets Happy Feet." he remarks summing up the entire scene in six words.

He then later proclaims that "It's bloodier than Braveheart" and notes that no matter how upset Gerald might be, bae isn't worth losing an eyeball over.

It doesn't make the fight any less heartbreaking though, especially considering that Gerald ends up losing the fight and his girl—but it might, in some small way, help ease the pain you felt after first seeing it.

Pain that was felt by many people as could be seen from the ensuing tweets about the vid which showed how upset and distraught people were by the unexpectedness of it all. Nature is indeed a cruel mistress.

Check out some of those tweets below, we can all get through this together.

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